The Genie in Our Genes – Epigenic Medicine and the New Biology of Intention
By Dawson Church PHD

Dr. Church Discusses recent advances in the science of epigenetics and quantum physics and simplifies their findings with easy to use steps to empower you.

Fat Sick and Nearly Dead

DVD Fat Sick and Nearly Dead 
Available from Netflix
By Joe Cross


This is a great story of the application of Dr. Fuhrman’s methods to eliminate obesity and a chronic skin condition.  This movie will inspire you to apply the information for your own health and weight loss.


Energize Your Brain Change Your Life – An Introduction Into Exercise With Oxygen Therapy
By Jeffrey Donatello DC


The book discusses how aging can be reversed up to a point using a breakthrough technique called Exercise With Oxygen Therapy (EWOT). By age sixty a person’s ability to absorb oxygen is decreased by 80% – EWOT resets this back in just a few sessions. This is now offered at our office


Eat To Live
By Joel Fuhrman MD

Dr. Fuhrman discusses his nutrition diet of nutrient dense , fruits, nuts, and seeds to lose weight and improve your health. We have lost over one ton of weight in our patients with his dietary advice!


What Your Doctor May Not Tell You about Heart Disease
By Mark Houston, MD, MS


Dr. Houston provides great insight into heart disease, dispelling the myths about cholesterol and providing in-depth news to use regarding nutrition. He discusses the importance of the Endopat test for endothelial dysfunction. This test is offered at our office.


Seeds of Deception – Exposing Industry and Government Lies About the Safety of Genetically Engineered Foods Your Eating
By Jeffrey M Smith


The title says it all. What you don’t know could absolutely kill you as these remain unlabeled and kill the animals that consume them. They are in 90% of the processed foods.