A Few Words About:
The Fundamental Organizing Systems and Core Clinical Imbalances


This is the ability to digest and absorb the nutrients from the food and drinks you consume. It is dependent on a strong parasympathetic nervous system which helps produce your digestive enzymes and a healthy gut microbiome with plenty of friendly bacteria.

Defense and Repair

Your body’s immune system must be able to build and then turn off the acute inflammatory response. This is aided by a healthy gut microbiome and nutrients obtained from a nutrient rich diet supported with vitamins and minerals. Maintaining adequate blood levels of vitamin D with synergistic functional magnesium levels is one really important caveat.


Once again a nutrient rich diet, high in fresh fruits and vegetables is important. Maintaining healthy mitochondria with proper exercise – resistance/cardio, key nutrients, and lifestyle choices – avoiding chemicals, insecticides and pesticides – are synergistic here. Regular far infrared sauna sessions, deep muscle therapy and medical foods are also core contributors.


We now know that the body uses two to three hundred neurotransmitters and neuro peptides to communicate. The production and flow of these depends on a healthy neuroendocrine axis. This axis is also key to the flow of electromagnetic energy through the extracellular matrix that adds a distinct level of coherence to the body as a hologram


The cardiovascular system and its 63,000 miles of blood vessels depends on a healthy, one cell thick lining called the endothelium for good function. High nitrate foods and cardiovascular exercise 30 minutes 5 or more times per week are good lifestyle habits. The lymphatic system is also aided by clean water, exercise, deep muscle therapy and far infrared saunas.

Structural Integrity

The identification and removal of stress maladaptation patterns (MAPs) in the key complexes-head, pelvic-spine, foot-ankle-knee and shoulder-arm-hand – is your macromolecular algorithm. Rest, repair and rejuvenation are all dependent on all of the above plus positive self-talk. This can be aided with affirmations and flower essences to remove subconscious roadblocks.