1. Our physical medicine is painless using respiratory adjustments. Your spine moves as you breathe and we utilize this natural movement to leverage your corrections so the process is not only painless but extremely relaxing. The full body Tune-Up consists of the reduction of all stress mal adaptation patterns (MAPs) found. We personalize our approach by instructing the patient in the systems that need up regulation-be they digestive, endocrine, immune or other.

2. Muscles are balanced in the areas of need. Manual muscle testing (MMT) is used to evaluate a muscles’ function or lack thereof. The tenets of muscle therapy are used to quickly up regulate and balance your major muscle groups to improve your strength, balance and healing.

3. Organ-specific areas of lymphatic blockage that have been found are removed and specific steps are given to correct them.

4. The correction of any recurrent acupuncture meridian’s imbalance is reviewed and if indicated related affirmations are given.

5. Every patient’s diet is reviewed. All patients are taught the basic tenets of a clean, nutrient dense diet. The concepts of the glycemic index/load for carbohydrates, grain vs. grass fed meat, good vs. bad fats; genetically modified organisms, the best non-organic fruits and vegetables (the clean 15 and the dirty dozen) are covered.

6. Personalized supplements are recommended based on our examination, family history and clinical lab analysis. We utilize Dr. Brent Davis’s Flor-Alive products as indicated.

7. All patients are taught correct posture and specific full spine exercises. All patients are instructed in core, resistance and cardiovascular exercises.

8. Interferential Frequency (IF) – The superficial application of a medium-frequency, alternating current modulated to produce low frequencies up to 150 Hz, it promotes the healing of soft tissues injuries by increasing the blood supply; and thus, simultaneously reducing the proinflammatory chemicals while delivering healing nutrients. It is considered more comfortable for the patients than transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation.

9. If indicated we utilize traction, to decompress intervertebral discs in the cervical, thoracic or lumbar spine areas.

10. Deep muscle therapy using the Pfrimmer technique. This is a true anti-aging therapy that up regulates mitochondria formation and promotes genes that are anti-inflammatory. The closest analog we have for this treatment is that it’s like having your muscles “ironed.”

11. Frequency Specific Micro current (FSM) – This is a homeopathic dose of energy that increases cellular ATP production by 400%. ATP is the body’s currency for healing. It reduces pain, both acute and chronic, lowers inflammation. We have been able to heal shingles in 2 one hour visits, one day apart.

12. Soft Laser-improves healing times, reduces pain.

13. Pulsed Electro Magnetic Therapy (PEMF) – Patient lies on mat and receives pulsed electromagnetic fields that do the following: reduce pain and inflammation, increase range of motion, accelerate nerve regeneration and improve ligament strength.

14. Far Infrared Sauna – This is a low temperature sauna (130’ F) which makes you sweat 2-3 times greater than other saunas. It will help you realize the following benefits: expulsion of toxic chemicals and heavy metals, reversal of insulin resistance, lowering blood pressure, reversal of endothelial dysfunction, strengthening of the heart and immune system. Relief of chronic pain and burning of fat stores. One 40 minute session is equal to running 5 miles in terms of caloric expenditure. You will experience a major increase in energy level.

“There is strong, conclusive evidence for chiropractic as a first line therapy for headaches, neck and back pain.”

–Steve Troyanovich D.C., Editor, Chiropractic History