Cardiovascular Wellness Service: The Happy Healthy Heart System

Heart disease is the number one cause of death in the US today—and since 1984, kills more women than men.

Fifty percent of people who die from heart attack have normal blood lipids (cholesterol, LDL, HDL and triglycerides)—and 50 percent who have their first heart attack die.

Until now, nobody has been examining and treating the key contributing  factors to preventing heart disease—which can also help reverse heart disease.

Only 5 percent of disease such as heart disease is genetic, and 95 percent is caused by stress. This stems from an inability of our autonomic nervous system to adapt and respond to stress adequately.

The sympathetic nervous system is the part of you that allows you to respond to stress, but due to the following  facts, does not turn off:

  • It decreases your body’s ability to make key digestive enzymes—so you don’t digest what you eat;  this, in turn, leads to an overgrowth of mold in your small intestine that creates a leaky gut, which promotes systemic inflammation;
  • It ramps up the adrenal glands—whose hormones cortisol and norepinephrine need magnesium to proceed.

These facts both lead to an increased need for key nutrients due to a ramping up of key physiological pathways coupled with increased excretion.

We are pleased to offer a comprehensive new cardiovascular wellness service, The Happy Health Heart System, which addresses many of the critical underlying and contributing  factors to heart disease—so that you can prevent a heart attack or stroke—by doing the right things based on the world’s most advanced knowledge and science.

This new system is a highly integrative program that provides you with a comprehensive, totally individualized approach to prevent a cardiac event. It consists of:

  • Clinical Laboratory Tests
  • Heart Sound Evaluation
  • Endothelial Analysis (ENDOPAT)

The lab work components include:

  • Basic Lipid Profile
  • Inflammation Markers
  • Vitamin D Level
  • Red Blood Cell Magnesium
  • Essential Fatty Acid Ratio (Holman Fatty Acid Test)
  • Provoked Heavy Metal Test

The Heart Sound Evaluation uses a Heart Sound Recorder, invented by Dr. Royal Lee. By placing a sensitive microphone over four areas of the heart, a recording of the heart sounds is transposed onto a tape. This is analyzed from the perspective of strength, rate and rhythm and key nutritional factors necessary to normalize function are ascertained. You can see one of our patient success stories—an 87-year-old woman who avoided a heart valve operation recommended by her cardiologist—by using the Heart Sound Evaluation.  See the video.

Another major overlooked factor—and one of the most critical—is the endothelium, which is the tissue that forms a single-cell layer that lines our arterial system. The American Heart Association has called it “the risk factor of all risk factors.”

The endothelium is the “brain” of your vascular system. It spans the equivalent of 8 soccer fields and acts like the air traffic controller of your vascular system controlling your blood pressure, blood viscosity (thickness), and plaque formation/removal. Endothelial dysfunction precedes heart attacks and strokes by decades.

We can measure your arterial health with the revolutionary non-invasive arterial test called the ENDOPAT.  The Endopat is a simple, 20-minute, non-invasive test that generates an RHI number. Your reactive hyperemic index (RHI) is the resultant biomarker number.

A healthy RHI is 1.68 or greater. This means your arterial rebound is elastic and pliable. RHI is an extremely efficient and well understood statistically significant biomarker.

A lower number means you have endothelial dysfunction which requires dietary and nutritional intervention. What is your RHI? Don’t guess!

See Dr. Maykel’s video above about the Endopat. You can also learn more about your endothelium and its relation to heart disease at:

The related cost of the Happy Heart Health System components is:

  • Lab tests: generally covered by insurance; the Omega 3/Holman fatty acid test is $140.
  • Heart Sound Evaluation: $100.
  • Endopat/Endothelium test: $200.
  • Provoked Heavy Metal Test: $140.

We highly recommend that you get these tests run annually. Your health is your greatest wealth and this new cardio wellness service is among the most comprehensive available.