Case Cohort Study: Two Cases of Crippling Arthritis Cured with the Removal of an Electric Blanket
By William M. Maykel, DC, DIBAK
Presented at the International College of Applied Kinesiology-USA
Annual Meeting, 2007–2008, p. 143–144

Abstract: This paper discusses two cases where the use of Applied Kinesiology was used to diagnose and treat chronic severe arthritis stemming from exposure to the electromagnetic field of an electric blanket. Case one resolved in a few months with an astonishing unclubbing of all of her previously deformed digits. Case two was diagnosed as rheumatoid arthritis 12 years previously and she experienced full resolution of her condition as well without medication.

Discussion: Several years ago a woman in her early thirties presented to my office with crippling arthritis, which had deformed both of her hands. Her entire physical and applied kinesiological examination was – both to my dismay and astonishment – entirely unremarkable. Observation of her hands revealed severe clubbing and swelling of all the joints in both her hands with a moderate to severe flexion contracture deformity present in all of her digits. This condition had a gradual onset beginning three years previously and was progressive, worsening over time. At the end of this exam, I gingerly informed the patient that I was unable to find anything wrong with her. In an effort to try and be of some use to her, I suggested that she give some serious thought to anything she may have changed in her lifestyle prior to the symptom onset years earlier. Two days later she phoned back and informed me that she had purchased an electric blanket a few months before her symptoms had begun. She noted that she used the blanket every night because of the warmth it offered her. I suggested that she return to the office and bring the blanket.

A few days later the patient returned with her electric blanket. I had her lay supine on an adjusting table. The patient was extremely robust with all of her muscles graded 5/5. I then put the blanket on her, first not plugging it in. All of the patient’s muscles then tested 3+/5. This was apparently due to the effect of the blanket’s wire configuration on her energetic field. I then plugged the blanket into the electric outlet and retested multiple muscles. With the blanket turned on all of her muscles were pathologically weak, 3-/5. I refer to enlightening times such as these as ‘kinesthetic moments.’ Having mutually shared this kinesthetic moment, I suggested she discontinue the blanket use and substitute a down comforter. She did so and returned five months later for re-examination. I was totally taken aback when I looked at her hands and observed that they were totally normal. It was truly a miracle.

Subsequently, I learned that studies done in Colorado correlated higher amounts of miscarriages in pregnant women using electric blankets.

One year ago, a 34-year-old woman presented with severe rheumatoid arthritis. All of her joints were involved including her knees, hips and neck. Her worst area was her hands and fingers, which she graded as an 8–10 on the pain scale. Pain was worsened with movement and this was a serious problem for her as a dental hygienist. The condition had started insidiously 11 years earlier. A rheumatologist had her on low dose prednisone for two years and then switched her to an NSAID 750 mg two times per day.

She noted “GI issues” as an infant. She also had infectious acne of the mouth, chin and right breast. She had a history of annual strep throat infections throughout her twenties.

Examination of the patient revealed an alert 34-year-old female, 5 feet tall, 103 pounds. She had cervico-cranial syndrome, bilateral tarsal tunnel strain, bilateral sacroiliac sprain-strain with numerous lumbar, thoracic and cervical spinal dysarthrias.

Muscles related to her thyroid and adrenals were weak, which along with systemic ligamentous laxity is suggestive of a dampening of her neuroendocrine axis. Additionally the stomach, liver, gallbladder and small intestine related muscles were weak. A positive leaky gut and allergy reflex was found. Several supplements including betaine hydrochloride, magnesium and lipotrophic factors were recommended. At the end of her visit she revealed that she had slept with an electric blanket for he past twelve years or so. Upon hearing this, I strongly suggested she eliminate it and she did. I never saw the patient again, but subsequently followed her progress through her boyfriend. I called her today and she stated that she is totally pain free, off medications and is ecstatic with these results. Her “entire life is changed for the better.”

We know the body does its healing at night. We also know that red blood cells and endothelial cells are negatively charged so they repel each other. Putting our bodies in the electronic grid of an electric blanket should be checked and corrected if found on all patients.