The Tune Up:
Hot Medicine for Everyone


Tuning Up Your Stress Response to Promote Rest, Repair and Regeneration

The United States is currently in last place in healthcare out of the fourteen wealthiest nations while spending twice as much money as any other country. This book describes the transformative approach called HOT Medicine™ that is least invasive first. According to the Institute of Medicine, approaching this will require a transformation that represents a national and moral imperative.

The new interdisciplinary, adaptation based approaches of Professional Applied Kinesiology and Functional Medicine are highlighted as the key for this transformation. The Institute of Medicine also cites a need for new tools and metrics, new approaches to treatment and prevention from novel and more interdisciplinary approaches by ever more informed healthcare professionals working individually and in teams.

Here it is! Dr. Maykel takes the reader on an exciting journey through sixty of his cases from neonates through the elderly. He presents the MAP or Maladaptation Pattern as a new metric, providing an advanced understanding as to how our bodies adapt to stress and trauma. Predictable and reversible with “The Tune-Up”, the reduction of MAPs represents the potential, once fully integrated, to be the transformative factor in not only solving the pain crisis but also promoting exponentially better sustainable healthcare.

Hardcover: 382 pages
Publisher: Wellness Medicine (March 10, 2017)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1942545630
ISBN-13: 978-1942545637