Welcome To The World Of Research Based-Nutraceutical Meals: Medical Foods

1. Nutrients directly affect gene expression for health or disease.

2. Nutrigenomics is the application of nutrition to create positive gene expression.

3. Metagenics has created a suite of FDA-approved medical foods and bars designed to create happy genes. They pack a wollup to get the job done.

4. They are quick (2 scoops in a blender, 8 oz of water, with a few organic berries or just eat a bar).

5. They taste great; come in a variety of of flavors.

6. They are hypoallergenic; come in a variety of protein base, i.e., whey, rice or soy to accommodate everyone’s biochemical individuality.

Science-Based Medical Foods

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The Team:

Proteins Effects Flavors
Ultra Meal
•Cardio­vascular Disease
•Metabolic Syndrome
•Increases muscle
•De­creases fat
•Supports healthy body composi­tion
•Apple Cinnamon
•Banana Blast
•Country Peach
•Chocolate Fudge
•Chocolate Raspberry
•Dutch Chocolate
•Lemon Zinger
•Mocha Chocolate
•Seasonal Flavors
•Vanilla Almond
Ultra Meal Plus
•Central Obesity
•Insulin Resistance
•Soy •Altered Body
•Dutch Chocolate
Ultra Meal Plus 360
•Soy •Decreases both Cholesterol & Triglycerides
•Decreases Homocysteine
Increases HDL Total & LDL
•Dutch Chocolate
UltraGlycemX, GlycemX 360
•Type II Diabetes
•Soy •Chocolate
UltraClear Original , UltraClear Plus
•Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
•Rice •Better Focus
•Clears Skin
•Increases Energy
•Liver Detox Support
•Reduces Pain
•Natural Chai
UltralnflamX Plus 360
•Irritable & Inflammatory Bowel Diseases
•Rice •Original •Spice
•Rice •Mango