There are six basic causes of cranial stress MAPS. The first three involve trauma:

1. The birthing process – whether vaginal or caesarian delivery. A direct blow to the head, such as walking into a pole or a beam, slipping, falling and hitting your head.

2. A malocclusion or misaligned bit, as well as grinding one’s teeth at night or clenching during the day, all may cause or contribute to these MAPs. Invasive dental procedures like orthodontics, root canals, tooth extractions, implants, crown/bridge work or multiple fillings, are probable causes. A heavy handed hygienist may possibly create one as well.

3. A motor vehicle accident – even at 3 to 5 miles per hour with no physical car damage. Research has proven that the soft tissues in the occupant’s head, neck and upper back are exposed to an exponential magnification of the forces of the two colliding vehicle’s momentum. In fact, the C5/6 intervertebral disc is 75% degenerated within 24 hours at this speed of impact.

4. Each one of the next three causes involves a different mechanism. Not having adequate cellular magnesium or not producing enough stomach digestive enzymes (hydrochloric acid) to absorb this mineral are perhaps the most common cause. As a person chews food with inadequate magnesium, the jaw muscles tighten like a winch and create a stress MAP over time. Once initiated, this actually becomes a self-perpetuating syndrome as the vagus nerve (responsible for gastric acid secretion) is compromised at its exit from the cranium once a cranial MAP is created. The cranial MAP process is accelerated from another angle by the fact that the pterygoid muscles are the first to contract with stress or trauma.

5. When a person has an acute immune system challenge like a flu or infection somewhere (e.g. bladder, kidney, sinus) or perhaps a severe cold with violent sneezing and coughing, this can create a stress MAP. The neuromusculoskeletal system takes a back seat to immune function. After all, if your immune system fails, you are not going anywhere.

6. Last but not least is exposure to abnormal electromagnetic fields (EMFs). We have found that prolonged cell or cordless phone use, wifi areas, electric blankets, heating pads and car seat heaters all create stress MAPs. The pineal gland is your GPS and it is very EMF sensitive. Your brain is your holographic transmitter of the infinite energy field and your pineal and hypothalamic nuclei are its entry point into your body.