Water is extremely important, because without it nothing else can work. It is the most important nutrient next to oxygen and, in fact we can only live two to three days without water. Our bodies are about two-thirds water. Clean water is vital in good amounts to help the distribution of nutrients and waste removal.

All tap water is chlorinated and 70% of U.S. tap water is fluorinated. Drinking chlorinated water is like drinking bleach, and yes this contributes to cancer, and vascular disease. Fluoride is a highly carcinogenic, neurotoxin. The head of the EPA in 1994 said that “The fluoridation of the US water supply was the most heinous crime ever done to the American people.”

Reversal of this crime is now gaining global momentum with Israel, Portland Oregon, Amesbury, MA and a number of others are leading the paradigm shift of taking back the Commons. Sodium fluoride is a toxic chemical by product of the glass, steel, aluminum and fertilizer industries. Beside these ubiquitous chemicals, tap water provides you with an opportunity to take everyone else’s prescription drugs. Health care organizations dump tons of out dated prescription drugs into town waste water. As you know we in the U.S. make up 4.9% of the total global population yet consume 60% of all the worlds’ fast foods and 60% of all the worlds’ prescription drugs. That’s right- people in our country take one thousand times more prescription drugs than any other country.

Aluminum is found in all tap water. They treat municipal water supplies with both chlorine (to kill bacteria) and aluminum salts to purify it. There is an increased risk of Alzheimer’s disease (AD) of 250% in people drinking municipal water high in aluminum content for more than ten years. Fluoridated water greatly enhances the absorption of aluminum. Fluoridated toothpaste has 1,000 times the amount of fluoride compared to fluoridated water-so you must avoid these. Tom’s has several without fluoride. Waleeda has a calendula one which is very healing to your gums.

The only way to get all the harmful things out of your water is to use reverse osmosis (R/O) followed by charcoal filtration. We have identified the Multipure Water System* as one of the highest rated filtration systems by the government. They sell an AquaRO system which results in the most complete water purification system available. Only Multipure Drinking Water Systems are NSF certified to reduce Lead, Mercury, Cyst, Asbestos, VOC, MTBE, PCB, Chloramine, and Arsenic V.

This system is an under sink unit consisting of a reverse osmosis-charcoal system. The R/O pre-filters (3) are 46.50 and need to be replaced every 6 months. The charcoal filter is 65.95 and is replaced once per year. The R/O membrane is 102.95 and needs to be replaced every 2 to 3 years.

The whole unit is $579.95.

*Multi-Pure Water Filter System: This is one of the highest rated drinking water filtration systems by the U.S. government. They are available through Multi-Pure Systems located in LasVegas, NV (tel. 1-800-622-9206). Order through Distributor Number: #1213351, Dr. William Maykel. www.multipure.com