Dr. Maykel’s Biography and Four Upcoming Book Releases

Dr. William Maykel is a graduate of the University of Massachusetts, with a B.S. in zoology. While he was a pre-medical student at the University of Massachusetts, he developed severe right lower quadrant pain and underwent emergency surgery for the removal of a “retrocecal appendicitis.” After removal of a normal appendix, he developed peritonitis and septicemia. He subsequently visited a chiropractor, who diagnosed a spasm of his ileo-cecal valve. Within five minutes of an adjustment to his third lumbar vertebra, the pain was completely gone. This experience firmly established his desire to pursue a career as chiropractic applied kinesiologist.

After graduation from Western States Chiropractic College in 1978. Dr. Maykel became a diplomate with the International Board of Applied Kinesiology and board eligible in orthopedics. He has served as Vice Chairman of the International College of Applied Kinesiology, U.S.A. chapter, for two different chairs. Dr. Maykel was instrumental in adopting the term Professional Applied Kinesiology (PAK) to the specialty to signify the following of the specific tenets of the founder Dr. George Goodheart. Early in his career he became a student of Dr. Jeffrey Bland and has practiced the tenets of Functional Medicine (FM) since its inception.

As a successful resource for the Young Presidents Organization for the past 26 years, Dr. Maykel has lectured throughout the world and has had the privilege of treating over 50,000 patients from over 90 countries. Some of his patients represent an array of corporate executives, and world famous artists who are interested in maintaining and improving their health as well as the health of their employees.

In working with these executives, whose time is very precious, Dr. Maykel created a unique approach, called “Compressed Treatment,” utilizing P.A.K. for the resolution of accumulated structural stress. This approach allows a person to be treated over the course of several hours with specific manipulative therapies, combined with muscle therapy, on a continuous basis, to neutralize years of adaptive stress and trauma. At the same time he evaluates and upregulates functional gastrointestinal, immune, endocrine and cardio-pulmonary system early warning signs. An individually tailored nutritional and exercise program is suggested. This is coupled with a problem-focused education which allows patients to enjoy quick resolution of their health challenges. What could normally be accomplished in several months of traditional care can be compressed into a day with Compressed Treatment.

As time passed, Dr. Maykel realized that the body response to stress or trauma occurs in distinct reproducible patterns. Even though the body functions as one closed kinematic chain, for ease of understanding and teaching Dr. Maykel divided the body into four key complexes. Within each of these complexes are reproducible stress maladaptation patterns or MAPs. The four complexes consist of the cranial, the pelvic-spinal, tarsal tunnel (foot-ankle-knee) and the upper extremity (shoulder-elbow-wrist/hand). By understanding how to find and eliminate the interactive stress MAPs of the four key complexes full functionality – ensues quite quickly. The understanding of the body’s key complexes and their related stress MAPs adds a new healthcare algorithm for personalized healthcare.

Over the last six years Dr. Maykel has been busy writing what has turned into a series of four books. The first book is called The Tune Up, Health for All Ages Using HOT Medicine . HOT refers to the Hippocratic Order of Treatment which means least invasive first. In today’s cost inefficient health care system informed choices are not provided. The education of the general public with respect to healthcare choices arranged from the least invasive first model provides the health care system of the future.

In the TUNE-UP, the current challenges with respect to our healthcare are reviewed. FM and PAK as new evidence-based medical specialties are introduced. Their incorporation into mainstream heralds the healthcare system we have always wanted. Sixty case stories are viewed from neonates through the elderly. The resolution of dozens of cases without surgery or drugs represents the safe, commonsense, cost-effective options that are available. In essence, this book reveals the future of healthcare that is already here today.

The second book is called Health Pearls, Little Jewels to Improve Your Health . This book is a distillation of the most important concepts from dozens of today’s cutting edge healthcare providers. The information is presented in a user friendly format to provide proactive people with the template for living a robust life amidst a clearly challenging health environment.

Book three is called Stress MAPS (maladaptation patterns) – How the Body Responds Functionally to Stress and Trauma. The body is divided into four key complexes as previously described. Normal function is clearly explained. The patterns of adaptation to stress and trauma are outlined for each of the key complexes. Common signs and symptoms of the MAPs are delineated. The vision of the author is to provide key information for more well informed choices by all body owners.

Book four is called The Beacon, a Five Star Plan to Make America First in Global Health . Beginning with HOT Medicine, new health algorithms that are life-style focused and put into place by mutual agreement of industry neutral health experts. Accomplished by transparent televised forums, all of the input will be evidence based. The building of Green Roads throughout the nation for travel by self-propulsion for motion tax credits will create a win/win second star. The first win is getting the nation moving. Exercise reverses all diseases and avoids the potential tsunami of mental decline (it is estimated that 30 trillion could be spent on the care of Alzheimer’s patients) and will avoid the crippling of our nation. The second win is the creation of millions of jobs and a Blue Zone nation network,where community spirit feeds longevity.

Star #3 is the formation of several million organic farms to rebuild the soil, clean the aquifers and produce nutrient dense foods. Careful planning here will create millions of jobs, stabilize our natural defense and provide raw ingredients to leverage America’s new manufacturing backbone of nutraceuticals.

The 4 th star is clean water. Putting charcoal filtration and reverse osmosis in tandem filtration systems on all end point water systems will create 50,000 jobs and put our preventive medical system on firm ground. The creation of Academic Excellence Centers to engineer the natural cleaning of public waterways will take place simultaneously.

Last and certainly not least is the implementation of clean air through clean energy. With all hands on deck, we can break the gridlock the oil, gas, coal and nuclear advocates have built. This opens up the way to truly clean, safe, efficient endless energy. A planet with a vibrant future and a debt free country with the healthiest people is a worthwhile goal for the United States as the beacon.

Create an atmosphere of wellness.