Pfrimmer Deep Muscle Massage Therapy

Bernice Morrisette, LMT

Applying Pfrimmer Deep Muscle Massage Therapy to the muscles of the body in conjunction with chiropractic adjustments is a more comprehensive approach to healing.

Pfrimmer Deep Muscle Therapy facilitates the healing of muscle tissue. Named after the Canadian nurse, Therese Pfrimmer, this specific muscle technique was born out of necessity. Wheelchair bound for two years this nurse applied the basic deep strokes to the deep muscles of her legs and regained her ability to walk. It is specifically designed to release adhered and fibrous conditions in the muscle tissue.

It works by treating the muscles down deep, from origin to insertion, working every muscle individually. Pfrimmer massage is designed to remove the adhesions that cause the muscle to shorten and become inflexible, provide more of the life giving and healing oxygenated blood and nutrients to the affected muscles and joints. It will give relief of the pressure and stress on the bones, joints, ligaments and tendons created by congested, fibrous, adhesive, nonflexible muscle tissue. It also creates a vast turnover in the lymphatic drainage to the muscles. Any person will heal faster, stay in alignment longer and have less pain in the process. By increasing the flexibility and strength of the muscles, it reduces inflammation, increases range of motion, overall energy and well being of the patient. It’s like having your muscles ironed. You feel fabulous and it greatly improves the turning off of the chronic stress response and aids the parasympathetic healing response. For example, after a treatment, that evening a state of deep sleep naturally follows that facilitates the body’s ability to maximize healing. This treatment is “as good as it gets.”

Love your body.