You are in for a treat. What we have to offer is quite simple and unique. We want you to be wise guys and gals.

Our goal is simple-to change your mind to help you change your life. It’s all about education and empowerment. Knowledge is power and applied knowledge is wisdom. That’s the wise we’re referring to. Let’s begin with the new science of epigenetics (above the gene) with respect to intention. It has now been proven that angry people have 230% more heart disease. Optimistic people have 53% less all causes of mortality. In fact, if you have some spirituality you can add another 15% to this. With an attitude of gratitude about life, and some forgiveness you can add another 15%. Knowing that an optimistic, spiritual, gracious, forgiving demeanor gives you an 80 plus percent less chance of death from all causes is awesome.

Our unique approach is that of combining the new medical specialties of Functional Medicine (FM) and Professional Applied Kinesiology (PAK). Each of these new medical specialties is in their infancy at 30 and 50 years respectively. They are both evidence based and use a systems based approach to help unravel complex problems and promote a higher state of health that is wellness.

We have gathered a range of healing stories in a video format for you to enjoy and share with others. Our unique approach of combining FM and PAK provides solutions where there have been none.

One of the most rewarding areas is that of chronic pain. Right now 118 million Americans live in chronic moderate to severe pain at a cost approaching 1 trillion dollars. The Institute of Medicine, which is a branch of our National Academy of Sciences, published a book in 2012 called “Relieving Pain in America” documenting these facts. The fact that pain medications are quite dangerous and don’t really heal led them to describe the situation as “a national and moral imperative” to fix.

It is our belief that we have the answers to resolve the majority of not only this problem but also a host of others with very safe, cost-effective approaches. Watch the stories, browse the site, download the new patient forms and make an appointment. You’ll be glad you did.

“There are no truths, only stories”

– Simon Ortiz Acoma, Pueblo Poet